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Post Surgery Surgical Drain Bag - Shower Safe

Leaves Hands Free to shower safely and securely as well as conceal under garment when venturing out!


Comfort-Caddy for hands-free showering and discretely wear it under garments.

Patented and FDA cleared.
Comfort-Caddy shown with post surgical drains (not included).  Washable, quick dry and reusable.

More About Us

How We Got Here
My partner is a Breast Cancer Survivor.  Because of her ordeals -mostly during the post surgery recovery - it became our motivation for an invention we call Comfort-Caddy.  This is a device that helps ALL patients of surgical procedures that had Post Operative Surgical Drains attached.  The simplest everyday tasks we take for granted is now extremely complicated with Surgical Drains such as: being able to take showers (leaving both hands completely free to wash) and securely holding the drains in place preventing the drains from touching the shower surfaces which is the leading cause of staph infections. Sleep comfortably without all the unnecessary tugging and pulling to the wound area.  Allows the patient to be able to venture outdoors and resume your normal life by discretely wearing the Comfort Caddy under your garment, keeping the drains secure in their individual pouches.


Comfort Caddy
prevents post
operative drains
from contacting
with shower
surfaces, which
is the number
one people
contract staph 

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Our success is measured by the quality of life during recovery with post surgical drains. Get in touch today and find out how we can help alleviate the daily struggles of dealing with your post surgical drains and to set you on the path to full recovery with quality of life.

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